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Old Letters' Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Old Letters' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
4:25 pm
Dated: 8/19/42

My Darling,

At noon today i recieved the card you had sent from San Francisco yesterday morning and i was about to cry, knowing that i cannot be there with you. I'm not sure when i will be sent home, as i was instructed to stay for at least another few weeks and possibly even more. Oh, Anne, When i return home you can tell me all about the Sunny East and more. Golly, you should have seen today's weather. The wind howled all day long and the dust just filled the air ( my ears and mouth too).

Well sweetheart, i have my fingers crossed hoping that you will not have a bit of trouble keeping in touch with me, as i love you with all of my heart. Anne, if you were to see another guy i just dont know what i would do! I would love you to send me another card from S.F, and i miss you especially when i think of California. Cookie, Tomorrow is another day and i have to get up around 5, i will be with you in a few months hopefully cookie.

Good night my love,
Your Matt.

I love you Darling

Now this is an older letter, before they were married. He is so gushy with her, i noticed the pet names he kept referring to. It was getting on my nerves a little. haha yeah. kind of boring.
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
11:16 pm
This woman who was 93 died a few weeks ago. My mom knew her, and i was invited to go take whatever i wanted from her house. Among other things, I found this huge box of letters that she and her hubby sent to each other from 1942-1945. It was during the great depression era/wartime while he was away at war. I think he was just an army general, but the letters were pretty gushy. There were tons! I wonder if that would be acceptable in this community to post some of the better ones? Im very interested and i even have some of their pictures. If you wouldnt be too bored with them i will retype out what i like.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
9:04 pm
Hi Beth. Tell David that that lawyer he got the letter from is the same one I got it from.
He is a professional treasure hunter. Tell him to ignore it because we got the money.
Love Arlene
Friday, February 14th, 2003
12:10 am
A letter sent to my Grandfather from an Army friend.
I found this a few years ago and I've always found it interesting. Mostly because of the racism.

Postmarked from Fort McClellan AL February 11th at Nine-AM, 1946.

Dear Tom:
         Hope this letter finds you feeling well.  Irma and I are
feeling good even if we are down at Fort McClellan, Ala.  So you are
going to become a Tweed Suit'er.  It's something you've been wanting
for a long time.  I hope civilian life treats you a heck of a lot
better than the Army life did.

         Soon after I wrote you I left Korea, and arrived in the States
November 16th.  Had a seige of Malaria at Fort Lewis and finally got
home December 14th.  In order to get a 45 day leave without cutting
into my terminal leave I had to sign up for another year.  Now I am in
the IRTC.  I took over a Company having 3 enlisted men and some supplies.
Yesterday the Company was inactivated and I didn't come out on the short
end of the supply.  Lucky me.  Now I am going to the 31st Battalion
which is going to be inactivated within two weeks.  All the outfits I
go into seem to inactivate as soon as I join them.  I Must be a Jinx or
something.  I prefer that to running a Company of Niggers.  My Regiment
is a nigger outfit.  Reminds me of the Samboes of New Britian.  Only
those Niggers were smart.

         I am going to try for the Regular Army and expect to go to
Fort McPherson, within the month to the my exams.  If I make it and I
hope I do, I'll get a 1st Lieutenancy* out of it which won't be too hard
to take.  Boy am I crazy.  Well the peace time Army isn't too bad, and
I don't have to run the gauntlet of civilian psycology and rehabilitation
It's a log of bunk.  When Irma and I met it was just as tho we had been
parted only a day or so.  She met me down at Fort Dix and it was just
like old times - as if we had never been apart.

         We are down in Anniston living in one room,nice big cheery room
and praying that we will be able to find an apartment or house in the
near future as it looks as though we are going to be here until next
December.  But we're happy, we're together and thats all that matters.

         Guess this is all for now.  Write again and keep me posted as
to how things develop for you.  Take good care of yourself and Regards
and Best wishes from Irma and Me.

                           Your Jungle Buddy,

P.S. Plese use this address as I have no permenant one at Camp.

*A correction (tancy) was scribbled above.
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